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Mafinga College of Business Education is the private institution established on November 2015 with the aim of providing education program, training and consultancy on business courses to community of United Republic of Tanzania and non-Tanzanian.It’s located at Kinyanambo B area near Pareto industry at Mafinga, Mufindi distinct in Iringa region.

Mafinga College of Business Education is purely academic institution which registered by NACTE with registration number REG/BTP/ 070P to provide National Technical Award(NTA) on Basic technician certificate (NTA LEVEL 4), Technician Certificate (NTA LEVEL 5) and Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL 6) in Procurement and supplies, Business Administration, Accountancy, Information Technology, Marketing and Human Resources Management. 

Also the college offer short course on computer as well as training and consultancy on business issues to entrepreneurs/businessman

The college have excellence, conducive and supportive learning environment that stimulate the exerciser of mind by using the high qualified, competent and professional tutors